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Am I Feminist-ing Enough?

My plan was to try and make art that embodies my feminist values. I think I'm on the right track.

Here is the - work in progress - track I made:

Lyrics to the piece:

I need to find my scrunchie

The one with the thick elastic

So I can lace up my hair just washed

To look like Lara Croft

Or maybe braids like Wednesday

Flash my teeth to look sane

So that I can play a revolt my move

Let’s fix your attitude

Or rather 2 dutch braids to look like horns

Is she the devil ?

No just his spawn

Is she in trouble ?

No she’s just bored

Is she just late?

No she’s just 12

Is she deranged?

No she’s got wealth

Is she a murderer, a thier, a sorcerer, whore, a witch or a cheat?

No she’s just had to cut a lot of holes in her belt

She needs some help

Not in good health

Someone call a priest

Hey hey mister, you need to come east

There is something called a woman

It is claiming to be a human

It’s a disguise as you can see

Blackness lives deep within

Don’t be fooled by her soft skin

She’s a leech

Sucking on the devil's teat

Time to impeach

Gather to take a peak

Call the judge and rise to your feet

Let’s her the fate that she’ll meet

There's a hanging they hear in his speech

Oh well don’t feel bad

Such is life

When you’ve become obsolete


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